Best 5 Ways to Fix 0xc00007b error windows 10

0xc00007b error windows 10 is among the most frequently encountered issues in Windows OS. This can cause frustration to users while installing games or applications on their computer or even when they install Windows updates in certain instances. The list of programs affected by the 0xc000007b error typically prohibit the access of Skype, Messenger, Microsoft Office Package and a few video games or any other program which users have been previously. The error will usually be notified with a notice. Before we look into the options, let’s identify the probable causes of application error 0xc00007b on Windows 10 or any other operating system.

0xc00007b error windows 10


Reasons for 0xc00007b error Windows 10

This error typically occurs when 32-bit versions of Windows blends with 64-bit operating systems or applications. Sometimes, restarting Windows can help resolve the problem, so consider this as your first step. The update of the operating system could be a solution as well because different versions of Windows have different bugs.

The error usually occurs when you attempt to play high-quality games without updating the .net Framework. If the .NET framework is not present on your system, you won’t be able run applications designed on it.


Best 5 Ways to Fix 0xc00007b error windows 10/11

1) Restart Your PC/Laptop

The first option you can try is to reboot your computer. For restarting your Windows 10 PC, just hit the Power button or open Windows 10’s main Windows menu. After that, click to select the Power icon and choose Restart. Finally you should just wait for to allow your Windows device to restart. It could give you a chance to resolve issues after restart.

0xc00007b error windows 10 - restartPC


2) Reinstall The Application Run as Administrator :

In the beginning, you must uninstall the Application and then remove all items associated with the program from your computer. Restart the computer before re-installation.

Certain software needs to run as an administrator. This error occurs when you don’t launch it with administrator privileges. Sometimes, giving administrative privileges can resolve this issue. Therefore, you must use an application with administrator privileges to solve the problem. This solution is crucial and can fix any errors that may have occurred when permission issues arise.

0xc00007b error windows 10 - runAsAdministrator


3) Install or Update the latest version .NET Framework :

The .NET Framework is a collection of libraries to help you develop great apps running in Windows and other systems, such for macOS and Linux. It provides a variety of functions, including security, networking as well as graphics, among other things. A variety of Application Like Games, High Graphics Software requires .NET Framework to install. This means that .NET Framework is the most crucial component in the Window to install external Applications.

Steps to Update .NET Framework given below :

1) Search and Open Control Panel.
2) Choose Programs and Features.
3) Turn on or off Windows features on.
4) Popup will show with the List of Window Features.
5) .NET Framework will be there, So you have to click on it.
6) Your Computer .NET Framework Will automatically Update and computer will restart after update finished.

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4) Make sure you update to the Xinput1_3.dll File.

xinput1_3.dll update to the file can help fix the error windows 10. Follow these instructions to correct the issue as follows :

1) Download the .dll file from the Internet or other reputed source.
2) Extract through Winrar software. You can download the winrar application from the Internet which is normally used to extract zip files.
3) Copy xinput1_3.dll file and paste into this destination: C:\Windows\SysWOW64.
4) When prompted to confirm the box, simply click the Copy and Replace button.

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5) Update DirectX:

To avoid problems, ensure that your system is up-to-date with the most recent version DirectX. If neither of the earlier methods work, you need to attempt to upgrade DirectX. One way to determine if your DirectX is up-to-date is to download DirectX Runtime Web Installer directly from Microsoft’s official site. Download the setup file , and start it. After that, follow the instructions displayed on the screen to reinstall it. Once installation is complete it is necessary to restart your computer. This trick will fix your 0xc00007b error windows 10.

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