Get to Know the Requirements For Adsense Approval

When it comes to making money from your blog with contextual ads platforms, there’s few quality publishers there.But is one of the them. Its has higher quality advertising network, but more difficult to get approval. In this article, we’ll offer the most effective solutions and provide you with the requirements for AdSense approval. Requirements is the second-largest context advertising network according to market share, and is the second largest in the market after Google AdSense. The Yahoo! Bing Network gives publishers instantaneous access to one of the largest markets for targeted advertisers. The company earned net revenues of 232 million USD in the year 2015, and has over 450 million dollars of managed ad spending. Nearly 90 percent of its revenues come from the US and has offices throughout the US, Middle East, and India.


Google AdSense Vs AdSense

The right platform to run display ads doesn’t have to be a challenge. The two platforms Google AdSense and offer advertisements that actually yield. The best choice for your website’s needs is dependent upon a variety of factors, such as the specific niche of your blog or website.

The average pay per click is greater on Google AdSense compared to There are however occasions where Media. net’s focus on contextual advertisements can encourage more clicks, resulting in more revenue, even though the pay-per click is lower. AdSense Features

Here are the main features of AdSense listed below:

1) Contextual ads provides contextually targeted ads for all publishers. if website has Technologies blogs, visitors will see ads that relate to Technologies.

2.) Display as a Search ad format

The format of ads is discovered by which is where display units show ads that look like search. These ad units are stuffed with keywords. When a user clicks on one of the keywords the unit redirects users onto a search engine, which is an internet page with ads for search. To facilitate the purpose, has partnered with search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing.

3) Marketplace

The company is the second largest contextual company , thanks to its connections to the whole global contextual market. The ability to access a larger market results in more competition and higher revenues.

4) Forbidden content

If your website contains sexually explicit or adult content the site will be rejected your application.

5) Native ads is a great site for showing native contextual advertisements. Native ads complement the design and style of the website to display ads that are not intrusive for users. Requirements For Adsense Approval

This Adsense adheres to a set list of approval criteria. Below are the specifics Requirements for publishers to get adsense accounts approval. Your website’s content must be unique content as well as a large amount of traffic from US, UK & Canada. Furthermore, they don’t accept websites with copyright-related materials.

1) The website should receive the majority of the traffic coming from US, UK & Canada
2) Articles should be written in English language
3) You must have a sufficient amount in traffic. Approx 5000 page visits per day.


How Much Time to Approve a Website?

It usually depends on the amount of applications processed every day and can be affected by holidays as well. In general, approval for websites could take from 72 hours up to 14 days. You must be patient to get a response regarding approval for your website. There are many applications to be considered for approval. The team will examine your website’s pages and other useful information like your Articles too. Your article on your website must contain unique content and a high amount of traffic from US, UK & Canada. They do not approve websites that contain copyright-protected materials.


Can We Use Ad with Google AdSense Ads?

Yes, you can display Both AdSense Accounts ads over the same site. However, when you apply for approval from AdSense. It is recommended to take all ads off your site, or else adsense will reject your application.


What are the Steps to Apply for a Adsense Account?

1) Fill the Publisher Signup Form

In order to sign-up for the signup form you’ll need to submit the basic details about your site including its URL and the subject matter as well as personal information such as your email address and name.

2) Verify Ownership

There are two methods to confirm the Ownership of your website by using using HTML tags or via DNS records. You can choose any method according. However, I would recommend to use HTML tags verificationto method instead of DNS records. Because DNS records will need some technical knowledge.

3) Review Your Application

Once you have verified the ownership of your website. will evaluate your application, which can take between 48 hours and 14 days. After reviewing your website, they will email you with regards to your approval.


Conclusion is the best alternative to AdSense account that is after Google AdSense. I recommend you try it if Google did not allow for your Adsense account. operates with niche websites. If you’re struggling to earn enough profit through advertisements, contact your account manager and ask him to display ads on a regular basis. is a reliable source of income that is able to run in conjunction with Adsense and other ad-related programs.

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