Perfmatters vs Asset CleanUp – WordPress Plugins Comparisons

There are Approx 80% of online blogs which are made through WordPress Platform because of their Simple UI. So Perfmatters and  Asset CleanUp Plugins are very important plugins for you which can Increase your website speed and help you to rank fast over google. So in this Article, I will make comparisons between both plugins – Perfmatters vs Asset CleanUp .

Perfmatters vs Asset CleanUp

What is the Main Difference Between Perfmatters vs Asset CleanUp :

The main difference between both is complexity. Both Plugins have the same features which is Scripting management over websites to disable css & javascript. Also Asset CleanUp Plugin has more settings as compared to Perfmatters Plugin which are very confusing.

Perfmatters vs Asset CleanUp Features

Both Plugins have the best reviews in social media and are loaded with a lot of paid features which can make our website super fast easily. There are lot of features over these plugin which is given below:

1) Script Manager

Both Plugins have a script Manager feature through which you can unload or disable the Js and css files over the website. Both plugins have this feature to make your website faster by disabling unused css and js scripts.

2) Delay JavaScript

When you open your website through any browser it automatically loads whole css and javascript files which will cause your website to load very slow. If you will check website speed over google PageSpeed Insights or Gt Matrix website then 90% chance to reflect this javascript issue for slow load. These both plugins are very useful to delay JavaScript over your website and increase your website speed.

3) Remove Unused CSS

You can get both features as well over both plugins which will help you to disable unused css and js over the website. There are a lot of websites there which are loading with lots of css and js files but some js and css are not used over loaded pages. so these features will help you to make unused css and js disable over the website and increase your speed as well.

4) Image Optimization

Perfmatters Plugin has Lazy Load and image optimization features but Asset CleanUp pligin doesn’t have these features.
Lazy Load features are very important features for websites to load images over websites. Assume Your Website has a long page which has a lot of images as well. when you open your website then it will take a lot of time to load all images simultaneously so lazy load will prevent this issue. Lazy load only loads those images which section is displayed over screen and loads other images when the page scroll down to get new images.

5) CSS/JS Optimization

Both plugin has this feature but Asset CleanUp plugin are good as compared to Perfmatters. These feature help your website to minify the css and js file. Now your website will load more fast because of this feature. Both Plugin has these features and you can disable or enable these features from plugin settings as per your need.

 Features of Perfmatters Plugin not found over Asset CleanUp:

1) Disable pingbacks
2) Disable Google Maps
3) Disable password strength meter
4) Add blank favicon
5) Remove global styles
6) Heartbeat, post revisions, autosaves
7) Custom login URL
8) WooCommerce bloat removal

Perfmatters vs Asset CleanUp – Which Plugin is Best?

Both plugins are Paid and loaded with a lot of features. Both Plugins are best to make websites faster but Asset CleanUp Plugin are Best as compared to Perfmatters. Asset CleanUp and Perfmatters Plugin both have good reviews in social media, but according to features and my experience I suggest you to buy Asset CleanUp plugin which has simple UI and good features.


I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have any issues and queries then please comment below. Also need more informational articles then you can visit my website for more updates and knowledge.

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