How To Use Google Panda Seo To Increase Your Website Traffic?

Google Panda Seo was launched in 2011 and was intended to retrieve poor content using Panda Filters. This panda update in seo introduced a filter to stop poor content from ranking highly for specific queries, even though it had little to offer readers.

Google Panda Seo

What is Google Panda?

Google Panda Seo was launched in 2011 and is a major upgrade to the search engine’s algorithm. This Panda update in seo had two main goals: to increase the ranking of high-quality pages and reduce the number of poor-quality content appearing in search results. This was just the beginning of a series major quality control tests. Google Panda removed spammy and poorly-constructed content from search results pages, allowing higher quality websites to rise up the rankings.

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Features Of Google Panda Seo?

1) It removes low-value content from the Search Engine.
2) It removes copied content from other websites.
3) Its Removes untrustworthy and un-useful Articles from Search Results.
4) It ranks High Quality Contents higher than Google.
5) It allows you to rank Original Information Contents higher than search results.

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Why Google Panda Algorithm was Created?

In 2010, Google Search Results showed very low quality articles or content. These Contents weren’t of high quality according to google Norms, which was also not helpful for readers. Google created the Google Panda Algorithm in order to remove these contents or articles from search results. Google Panda, the Best Algorithm Update, was created in 2011 by Google to remove low-quality search results.

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How can you increase your website traffic through Google Panda?

Below are some ways to increase your website traffic through the Search Engine.

1) Poor Onsite Contents and Articles

Google Panda Update will take down low quality or poor content from Google. You must create high quality contents for your website if you wish to increase traffic through search engines. Low-quality content won’t rank in google search results. This is because Google Panda Algorithm and update will remove them from search results.

2) Copy Contents from Other Websites

Some bloggers copy content from high-quality websites and post it to their Website. Google Panda Updated will block the publication of this content in search results. These Contents will not be allowed to rank in google search results due to google Panda Updates. You have to created high-quality content that is unique and not copied from other websites.

3) AI Generated Contents

You can find a variety of paid and free tools on the Market that will allow you to create high quality contents for your website. These articles and contents will be detected by Google Panda Engine’s Filter, which will prevent them from ranking on google Engine. If you don’t want your content to be ranked on Google, then ignore these AI Generated Articles.

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Google’s primary goal, according to our website, is to help users find reliable sources that offer unique value. Google’s algorithm updates aim to improve the operation of the search engine so that it can better serve to users. Google Panda is just one update of Google. There will be many more panda update in seo features available in future as well. Our Website will provide future updates as well on the Google Panda Engine so stay tuned at

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