How To Integrate Payumoney Payment Gateway In Laravel

What is PayUMoney payment Gateway?

PayUMoney is a Digital Payment Services for Individual and registered Businesses in India which accepts multiple currencies like INR & USD and others. This is a Digital Payment Service through which you can collect payments from your customer through online like Online Ecommerce Store and from other Web Applications. Today I am going to explain How to integrate payumoney payment gateway in  laravel.

You can get those information from PayUMoney documentations as well but here i am explain with simple steps given below:

Step 1 :

First of all you have to create a PayUMoney Account. You can Create a Live or Test Account as per your need. If you are a developer then I suggest you create test account for development.

Live Account :
Test Account :

Step 2 :

You have to sign up over the website with your registered email address.

Step 3 :

Add Your Real Bank Account Details over Live Website or Dummy Bank account Details over Test account.

Step 4 :

You have to add Composer command over laravel root directory given below:

composer require infyomlabs/laravel-payumoney:"^1.3.0"

Step 5 :

You have to Publish the config files and view files through artisan command given below:

php artisan laravel-payumoney:publish

This command will create these files over laravel


Step 6 :

There will be two routes which you have to add inside VerifyCsrfToken.php file given below:


Step 7 :

You have to change the


when you are done with development and want to use it in production.

Step 8 :

Now all is Done . Now you have to open this url over your browser like

You can also check this documentations over github as well at

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