Did Rituraj Google Hack For 51 seconds? Know the Truth?

Social media users claim that Rituraj Chaudhary who is an undergraduate of Begusarai, Bihar, hacked Google for 51 seconds and then Google offered him a job offer for 3.66 crores. We looked on the Internet in search of Rituraj Google Hack and verified the story.

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Rituraj Google Hack


News viral all over social media Platforms

At that time, news of Google being attacked by a boy from Bihar are making rounds across social media. The reports indicate that after hacking Google the boy got an employment offer from the company that offered a compensation of a whopping amount!

The fake news virally making all over social media sites like WhatsApp and Facebook suggest that Rituraj Chaudhary from Bihar “hacked” Google, and was so impressed with his abilities the tech company offered him a position with a pay package of 3.66 crores.

Do you Know the Truth?

We’ve looked online into the depths of the situation, and it was established that the student didn’t hack Google and has not received a similar job offer from the company.

We also discovered Rituraj’s Linkedin profile via his profile in the Google Bug Hunters community. Rituraj is described as an Cyber Security Enthusiast as well as a the Bug Hunter and Coder on the profile on LinkedIn profile. He is a second year Computer Science student in IIIT Manipur. We also found a tweet by him where he denies the claims of the hacking of Google over the course of 51 seconds before receiving an offer of employment from them.

Rituraj Google Hack

According to the results of our Research on Google regarding Rituraj Chaudhary, engineering student at Bihar’s Begusarai district in Bihar He did not actually “hack” Google, but identified a flaw within the global search engine which could assist the company increase its security.

According to reports in the media, Rituraj Chaudhary discovered a glitch in the well-known search engine Google that could make it possible for hackers to gain access into the security system of Google and release vital information regarding the business, leading to a possible loss.

When Chaudhary spotted the bug He reported the issue to Google as well as the giant tech company confirmed the bug, admitting that the flaw could have been a way for hackers to gain access to the search engine. The company also chooses to reward students for their work.

Asked about the possibility of a threat to the search engine’s database Google made the decision to award Rituraj by awarding him an award called the Google Hall of Fame Award and include Rituraj’s name on the list of researchers. It also comes with other benefits.

According To Dainik Bhaskar News

According to a story published by Dainik Bhaskar the 3rd of February Google acknowledged the flaw in their own way as well as sent Chaudhary an acknowledgment email. The report also stated that Google frequently rewards users who discover flaws in their site. The findings of Chaudhary were in the Phase-2 stage. He is expected to be recognized by Google when they are in the Phase-0.

Rituraj is an BTech second-year student at IIT Manipur. Rituraj, son of businessman Rakesh Kumar Chaudhary is also pursuing research on cyber security in addition to his engineering studies.


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