10 Best Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

There are many people who are looking to make videos on YouTube and be successful YouTubers in order to gain fame and make a lot of cash. A lot of people have talent, however they are not camera-savvy and wonder if they could make a YouTube channel without sharing their face. In this Article we will give you 10 Best Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face .

Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

There are a variety of ways to do this and making money. The best part about creating these videos is that it needs less equipment and only requires material to make a video without a location.

10 Best Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

1) Animation Videos

Being a faceless YouTuber is much more feasible when you’re an animator. You can create 3D, 2D, and stop-motion videos without being seen on screen. You can also make whiteboard animations using YouTube. For this kind of content, the viewers are shown the hand-drawn images (on an electronic whiteboard) which are woven together to tell a storyand the viewers enjoy the result.


2) Reaction Videos

You’ve probably seen videos of people reacting to a popular event on camera and gasps over moments of “wow” moments, and smiling at “oops” one. If that’s not your thing do not worry, there are many other ways to create reaction videos on YouTube.

If you’re not keen to display your face and perform a voice reaction. Begin by recording your screen on the video in its entirety, and then make your voice heard while you watch the video.


3.) Review of the Product and/or unboxing

Another video type that is able to be made without having to face the camera. If you are a fan of footwear, then you could open the box and look at shoes and if you like gadgets then you could buy various gadgets and share your experiences with customers, etc.

It is possible to do this in any field you’d like to cover since there are numerous channels created particularly based on this notion. All you have to do is make videos of yourself holding the item in your hand, removing it from the box it, and then post your review.

Be sure not to be biased in sharing reviews. Always share both the good and bad aspects about the product. Many people would like to read the reviews of the product prior to buying the item, since it tells that they are worth it or not.

It’s a reputable YouTube channel where you can express your opinion without being directly in front of the camera.


4.) Cooking channel

With a busy schedule, people constantly search for tasty and easy recipes. They can easily find this through YouTube nowadays. If you’re a pro at cooking, why don’t you create an online channel and make videos that don’t show your face.

There is no need to know certain gourmet or different food items; it could be focused on healthy recipes such as protein-rich meals, quick breakfasts and lunch, and so on. It is possible to create different types of videos that are based on various ideas that appeal to the viewers. They are able to immediately visit your channel and browse the subject matter they are most interested.


5) Gaming

If you’re looking to come up with Youtube channel concepts without showing your face This is an excellent alternative. There are a lot of gaming channels that are trending in the present and many of them have over 100 million subscribers. And all they do is upload gaming-related videos to YouTube.

If you’re skilled in gaming, you could start a channel that showcases your talents. It is possible to make your videos fascinating and distinctive by including hilarious comments or presenting the viewers challenges.


6) Tutorial videos that are not faceless

You can be an artist, singer painter, musician, instrument, DJ, photographer or whatever you’re good at. You don’t have to show your face to make a decent amount of income each month.

Consider, for instance, that you’re proficient in software or programming. If that is the situation, you can record yourself on screen while programming or discussing software, since there are many people who are always looking for such helpful videos.

Other ideas are to create unique jewelry, hand-made embroidery and more. Demonstrate how you make it, and then explain to them how to make it quickly and efficiently.


7) Videos with time-lapse

Many people are curious about how these videos are made since they are stunning but they don’t understand the procedure of creating them. Time-lapses can be made for any and every situation such as, for instance you could switch on the camera, place flowers in it, and let them grow. You can make a video that shows the altered with the passage of the passing of time.

You can make time-lapse videos of clouds, stars, cityscapes, fruit, etc. It’s become a well-known concept over the years and a lot of people watch the videos and can easily follow the steps for watching videos. If you enjoy traveling then you could transform your vlogs into time-lapse videos and post them to YouTube.


8.) Office tour or home tour

If you’re not looking to appear on camera, but you want to make money from creating videos for YouTube you could also create videos for homes or offices. The great thing about these types films is they could be used for any type of channel you are working for.

If, for instance, you have an online cooking channel, you could offer a tour of your kitchen. Also, you can offer the tour of your music space in case you’re an artist, for instance. It doesn’t require an assistant to take pictures since you can do the video yourself and talk about your equipment and how you operate.


9) Travel Videos

If you enjoy traveling and visiting adventure destinations You can begin recording your travels and share their uniqueness stories, their history, or any other thing that you enjoy most in your videos. The greatest thing about this is that you don’t have to reveal your face in these videos.

The video you upload could become viral and, in this manner you could earn substantial amounts of money from this career. You can do more than adding your travel videos if are a foodie and are keen to discover the authentic cuisine of the area you travel.

You can make a video of famous foods whenever you travel, and then give reviews on whether you enjoy it or not. Additionally, you can record the most famous street food that is available in the city or near it. People are awed by these kind of videos. They can also look them up prior to traveling to learn about the specialties of the area.


10) DIY craft ideas for videos

DIY is a great niche to make amazing video content that is not recognizable on YouTube. It’s among the most original content on YouTube In this niche you can design or fix something using household objects by yourself.

In this instance, you have to demonstrate your creativeness by moving your hands and describing the tricks of how to do them. You do not need to show your face. You must be extremely imaginative to create an DIY channel. Not everyone is able to start this. If you’re not a creative person and do not have such thoughts in your head, then creating a channel like this would not be a good idea.

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