000 webhost – Free Hosting for Blogging, Features & Pricing!

What is 000 webhost?

000 Webhost is a Web Hosting service Provider which is a subsidiary of Hostinger. If you are new on internet and show your Idea’s to others then 000 Webhost hosting with help you. But we can’t recommend this hosting if you are a blogger and want to run a heavy website.

000 Webhost Free Plan

Can I use 000 webhost Free Hosting for Blogging?

000 Webhost is not a bad hosting but I don’t recommend free hosting if you want to start your blog. Here you will get limited Web Space, very slow speed, Lot of downtime & no customer support.

If you want to start a blog over free hosting then your website will crash if more then 4 to 5 visitors visit your website at the same time. Also website speed will be very slow for every visitor and migrating to another hosting will be the real pain. If you want to set up your blogging then you can go with hostinger which is a parent company of 000 webhost.

Free Fantastic Features

These are some free Fantastic feature over free plan which provide 000 webhost given below:

1) 3 GB of bandwidth!
2) Easy to use Free Website Builder
3) Almost endless 300 MB disk space
4) WordPress Auto Installer
5) No Ads
6) Full PHP & MySQL database support
7) Free Cpanel web hosting admin panel
8) Instant account activation, no fees!

Features of 000 webhost Free Plan

1) It’s Free for Lifetime :

Everybody likes freebies and 000 webhost can fill your dream with a free plan. This free plan will be free for lifetime and you can use this plan to grow your skills in developments and in other ways. You can create your personal website over there to show their portfolio and other information to others. But you can’t place ads over websites.

Also the company admits that this hosting comes with very limitations. So you can use this hosting with very limited features.

2) Custom Control Panel :

000 webhost provides you with a custom Control panel with very basic features. This Control Panel provides you instant Installations features through which you can set up a website in very time. You can manage domains, subdomains , SSL , Redirects and other tools to manage files and data.

3) Instant Account Activation :

000 webhost provide your Registration with an instant activation account. Users can set up their website instantly after registrations in a free plan.

000 webhost Pricing

000 Webhost Provide you 4 Plans according to your website needs. They provide very cheap plans as compared to other hosting providers. You can activate your plan easily as per your need.

000 webhost Pricing


Do you Know the Difference b/w Free & Paid Plans?

The Main difference is cost. Also the free plan comes with certain limitations. Also in Paid Plan typically more features and less limitations as per need. Free Hosting allows you to host limited domains like one or two which depends but paid plans allow you to host unlimited domains or 50 to 100 domains as per company norms.

How can we upload Files over Free Webhost?

There are two method to upload files over server given below:

1) Control Panel File Manager :

000 Webhost provides you control panel with file Manager feature through this we can upload any files and assets over web hosting.

2) FTP – File Transfer Protocol:

This is a Server through which you can upload and manage files according to you need. It’s also a feature of 000 webhost.

3) How long will my web hosting free over 000 Webhost?

Its will be free for Lifetime. You don’t even need to attach your credit card or other billing accounts for free hosting. It will always be free.

4) What can I do if I need to increase more resources?

You can Upgrade your plan to a higher plan as per your need.

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